Lightning Talks
Date & Time
Tuesday, March 9, 2021, 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Lightning Talks 

Join us for an hour of lightning talks! These 5-minute presentations will introduce you to a series of topics and individuals who you can then connect with by sending a personal message to for more information.   


Using Mapping to Visualize AIS Distribution as a Way to Plan and Educate, Robert Campion

Effects of 2,4-D application on early life stages of fish: bridging laboratory and field work, Gavin Dehnert

AIS Messaging Frames, Tim Campbell

Asian Clams: A Clam-atic Experience for Citizen Science, Jayne Jenks

Red hailstone continues to invade Wisconsin: identification, distribution update, and herbicide trial results, Matthew Wallrath, Leo Roth, and Jason Granberg

Water rich counties targets for new CAFO's? Robert Thome, Jr.

Students in Hot Water: Research on empowering data to drive water and energy savings in multifamily housing, Nathan Conroy and Melissa Ruether

Wisconsin's Healthy Grown Programs Ecological Restoration Program, Deana Knuteson

Using Pre-vegetated Blanket to Achieve Instant Results, Robert Livingston