Authors Meet and Greet
Date & Time
Tuesday, March 9, 2021, 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Learn about books relating to Wisconsin's water and meet the authors who are behind the titles.

Authors include:
1) Ted Rulseh, author of A Lakeside Companion (
2) Lynn Markham, author of Fish Hotel and Magic Goggles
3) Sumner Matteson, author of Afield: Portraits of Wisconsin Naturalists (
4) John Bates, author of Our Living Ancestors: The History and Ecology of Old-Growth Forests in Wisconsin (and Where to Find Them), Cold To The Bone, A Northwoods Companion: Spring and Summer, A Northwoods Companion: Fall and Winter, and more (
5) Paul Skawinski, author of Aquatic Plants of the Upper Midwest
6) Jeff Nania, author of Spider Lake: A Northern Mystery and Book One: Figure Eight (
7) Laureanna Raymond-Duvernell, author of Under in the Mud (
8) Darby and Geri Nelson, author of For Love of Lakes, For Love of a River: The Minnesota (link to
9) Linda Vander Heyden, author of Mr. McGinty's Monarchs (link to
10)Patty Dreier, author of Empowered: One Planet at a Time (link to