Wisconsin’s Water Quality Standards AND Emerging Contaminants and Fish Consumption Advisories in Wisconsin Waters
Date & Time
Tuesday, March 9, 2021, 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM

Two Combined Sessions

Title: Wisconsin's Water Quality Standards
Speaker: Meghan Williams
Wisconsin DNR uses water quality standards to protect humans and aquatic organisms from the harmful effects of pollutants in Wisconsin’s waters. This presentation will provide information on the three components that make up water quality standards (designated uses, water quality criteria, and antidegradation) and explain how they are used in assessments and permits to protect our waters. The development of water quality standards for PFOS and PFOA will be highlighted as a case study. AND 

Title: Emerging Contaminants and Fish Consumption Advisories in Wisconsin Waters
Speaker: Sean Strom
The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has been monitoring contaminants in fish tissue from Wisconsin’s waters since the 1970s. Fish contaminant data is utilized to protect both the health of people who eat fish as well as wildlife resources dependent on fish. The WDNR works jointly with the Department of Health Services to review fish contaminants data and determine whether consumption advisories are warranted or whether existing advisories need to be revised. In addition to the general/statewide consumption guidelines which cover most inland waters, there are also waterbodies that have special exceptions. Special advice is necessary for some species of fish in waters identified as having higher concentrations of mercury, PCBs, or PFAS. PFAS is a relatively new contaminant and is of growing interest.