Morning Plenary with Katharine Hayhoe: Talking Climate: Why Facts are Not Enough
Date & Time
Monday, March 8, 2021, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

When we hear people objecting to climate change, they often use science-y or even religious-y sounding arguments. "It’s just a natural cycle," some say, or "God is in control, so humans can’t affect something as big as our planet.” Yet, if the conversation continues a few minutes longer, it rapidly becomes apparent that the real objections have nothing to do with lack of information or knowledge or belief. Our attitudes towards climate change are primarily the result of where we fall on the political spectrum, and our corresponding aversion to what we perceive to be the only solutions: allowing the government to destroy the economy, impose unfair regulations, and rob us of our personal liberties. This gets us nowhere. Are there solutions that are economically viable and appealing across the political spectrum? And why would any of us even care? Katharine Hayhoe untangles the complex science behind global warming and highlights the key role our values can play in shaping our conversations on this crucial topic.

Katharine Hayhoe